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Virtual Slide Microscope System

Mon, 12/10/2012 - 8:34am

Olympus Darkfield OptionOlympus offers researchers doing whole slide imaging the option of using darkfield illumination to image specimens on its high-performance VS120 virtual slide microscope system. The VS120, a whole slide imaging system that also offers brightfield and fluorescence illumination, is one of the only microscope-based virtual slide systems that offers the darkfield option. Darkfield is useful for providing structural detail, particularly when observing non-stained specimens. The darkfield view can be used in conjunction with either brightfield or fluorescence for a deeper understanding of both structure and function.

The darkfield illuminator, which is particularly useful for brain imaging, can attach to any VS120 or VS110 virtual slide system with simple stage insert.

The VS120 virtual microscopy system scans up to 100 slides at a time at high fidelity, so users anywhere can view and navigate high-resolution images of entire microscope slides or slide areas using a computer. It is designed for a wide variety of research applications.

Olympus America,


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