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Sprayable silicone film adhesive

Thu, 12/20/2012 - 7:49pm


NuSil Technology LLC, a manufacturer of silicone materials for the aerospace, defense, electronics, and engineering markets, has announced R-2684, a silicone film adhesive that is sprayable with the addition of solvent. The option for spraying allows R-2684 to be applied to intricate parts just as easily as to flat substrates.

R-2684 can be used to adhere silicone materials to metals, polyimides and various other substrates. This two-part material consists of a Part A and a Part B: a low viscosity silicone dispersion and an activator, which acts as a primer. Adding solvent to the Part A dispersion decreases its viscosity, allowing for a spray-on film.

R-2684 can be applied via spraying, as well as through dip-casting and knife-coating processes. Whatever the mode of application, simply apply the adhesive to one of the substrates to be bonded, prime the second with the activator, and press the two substrates together. R-2684 is an addition-cure adhesive that can cure at ambient temperature or under heat for a faster cure.

NuSil Technology LLC,


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