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Wed, 12/05/2012 - 11:17am

ALMSCO International has announced the launch of its new version of TargetView, a software package for compound identification following GC-MS analysis.

The software is capable of detecting and identifying both target and unknown compounds in complex GC-MS chromatograms, for either trace-level work or routine screening.

TargetView delivers rapid screening of chromatograms against compound libraries, and provides the analyst with the capability to creat bespoke spectral libraries. A batch processing option allows multiple files to be screened against a single library, saving time for analysts.

A deconvolution algorithm allows the software to distinguish between co-eluting compounds, even when peaks have identical retention times.

The software's interface allows users to generate reports for export to a range of platforms, including Excel, and is compatible with common GC-MS file produced by many GC-MS instruments.

ALMSCO International,


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