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High-Speed Centrifuge

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 8:49am

Sorvall LYNX Superspeed Centrifuge SeriesThermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has introduced the Sorvall LYNX superspeed centrifuge series. The centrifuges feature a 100,000 x g top speed performance and support for high-throughput sample processing from 50 mL conical tubes and microplates to 1 L bottles, up to 6 L capacity, meeting the needs of academic research and production facilities alike.

The centrifuges feature built-in safety and rotor technology innovations that shorten run setup time and increase security. The series features secure, push-button Auto-Lock rotor exchange in less than 3 sec, ensuring that the rotor is automatically and securely locked and will not loosen during a run, enhancing user confidence. The series also features Auto-ID instant rotor identification, which recognizes a rotor when secured in the chamber, improving safety and protecting the integrity of samples. Lightweight, corrosion-resistant Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors, including the Fiberlite LEX designs, improve ergonomics and performance. The series also feature intuitive touchscreen interface for easy run setup.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.,


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