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Detector Arrays Boost GPC/SEC Productivity

Mon, 11/26/2012 - 9:22am


Malvern Instruments' Zetasizer uVMalvern Instruments' detector range for gel permeation/size exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) now includes the Zetasizer µV, a versatile size and molecular weight detector that can be added to a system to boost experimental productivity by maximizing information flow from a single experiment. Complementary to Malvern's Viscotek range, the Zetasizer µV is a dual integrated light scattering system for protein characterization. The system can be connected to an existing GPC/SEC system using standard chromatography tubing, and results and analysis are handled through Malvern's OmniSEC software.

With GPC/SEC the productivity of analysis is directly impacted by the number of detectors applied to the eluting, fractionated samples. The Zetasizer µV uses dynamic light scattering to secure precise molecular size measurement while offering static light scattering for absolute molecular weight measurement. In protein characterization these capabilities support the detailed study of aggregation and conjugation, and the flexibility to use the detector in cuvette mode is an important added bonus—one that allows characterization of discrete samples with 2 µL of material.

Malvern Instruments,


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