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Monochromated Electron Source

Wed, 09/26/2012 - 4:06am

UniColore Monochromated Electron SourceFEI Company has added its UniColore (UC) monochromated electron source to its Versa3D DaulBeam system. UC technology improves the DualBeam's ability to image fine surface detail at low accelerating voltages without compromising its analytical performance at high voltages and beam currents.

The UC source improves imaging resolution at low accelerating voltages by decreasing the energy spread among beam electrons, which reduces chromatic aberration and permits the beam to be focused into a smaller spot on the sample surface. Given a small spot, image resolution and sensitivity to surface detail are further enhanced at low beam voltages by the reduction of beam penetration and scattering. Low-voltage imaging can also eliminate charging effects that interfere with imaging on non-conductive materials.

FEI Company,


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