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New Possibilities for Multiphoton Microscopy

Tue, 08/07/2012 - 4:34am

Multiphoton MicroscopyMultiphoton confocal microscopes from Carl Zeiss now allow the simultaneous use of two NLO lasers or one laser with an optical parametric oscillator (OPO). Both components are integrated and expand the functionality of the multiphoton systems.

In dual laser systems, different laser wavelengths simultaneously excite several fluorescent dyes or proteins. Without time loss, users can image specimens with one wavelength and manipulate them in the multiphoton mode with another. The automatic free beam adjustment gives the system a high degree of stability and reproducibility and ensures exact overlay of the two excitation beams.

An OPO increases the excitation range of multiphoton microscopy to up to 1,300 nm, therefore covering the absorption peak of red fluorescent proteins. This long-wave excitation enables specimen protection. The potentially high light intensities of the OPO lasers interact with specific structures in the tissue, leading to a doubling and tripling of the oscillation frequency.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy LLC,

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