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AFM provides unprecedented accuracy

Mon, 11/28/2011 - 11:46am


Parks 200

Park Systems’ new NX10 atomic force microscope (AFM) is a research-grade true non-contact AFM.

Park Systems has introduced the NX10 as the flagship atomic force microscope (AFM) of its new product line.

Now available worldwide, the NX10 provides excellent imaging accuracy, scan speeds, and tip life. The NX10 is a research-grade true non-contact AFM, featuring Z-servo speed, XYZ scanner linearity, closed-loop detector noise, and minimized thermal drift.

The NX10’s advanced XYZ closed-loop scanning is based on Park Systems’ low-noise Z position sensor. By using a Z position sensor to monitor the real-time extension of the Z scanner, the NX10 records the true heights of sample surface features, even during high-speed scanning, without the effects of piezo creep or edge overshoot. With its closed-loop scanning design, the NX10 records true sample topography without any need for recalibration.

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