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Solid-core HPLC columns

Fri, 06/24/2011 - 3:54am

AccucoreThermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has released the Thermo Scientific Accucore HPLC column range. The columns feature Core Enhanced Technology and are available in a wide range of stationary phase selectivities. The Accucore HPLC columns are compatible with almost any instrument, and give increased sensitivity and peak resolution.

Containing solid core particles, which are engineered to a diameter of 2.6 µm and an average particle size distribution (D90/10) of 1.12, the Thermo Scientific Accucore HPLC column range allows high-speed, high-resolution separation, with lower backpressures than those associated with UHPLC. The advanced bonding technology used in Accucore HPLC columns results in excellent peak shapes through high bonding coverage and minimized secondary interactions. The automated packing processes deployed in column manufacture produce uniform tightly packed columns, which are reproducible.

hermo Fisher Scientific Inc.,


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