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Tue, 08/10/2010 - 7:41am


Optilab T-rEXThe Optilab T-rEX from Wyatt Technology Corporation is a refractive index (RI) detection instrument that provides full range of detection and sensitivity across the entire dynamic range.

The instrument has 256 times the detection power and up to 50 times the dynamic range of any RI detector currently on the market, according to the company. It can measure large and small signals within the same data run, and can be used in almost any standard isocratic chromatographic conditions and for many gradient applications.

Developments in heterojunction light emitting diodes (LEDs) allow the T-rEX to have a light source 50 times brighter than previous instrumentation. This light source results in the detector array filling with light much faster than previously possible. The instrument also offers high speed data acquisition and includes an onboard computer, allowing the rapid scanning of arrays, with 1 million measurements made every second. The T-rEX also has a flow cell with a total volume of 7.4 µL, which is 25% less than the leading refractometers available today.

Wyatt Technology Corporation,

Published in R & D magazine: Vol. 52, No. 4, August, 2010, p. 25.


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