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Piezo electric ceramic components

Wed, 01/27/2010 - 9:01am

Ultrasonic sensorsMorgan Technical Ceramics (MTC) introduced its piezo electric ceramic components and ultrasonic sensors for flow measurement of utilities, including gas, heat, and water.

MTC’s piezoceramic components for measuring flow, distance, and level have good acoustic sensitivity and mechanical strengths to withstand high pressures. Their tightly controlled resonant frequencies achieve good sensitivity levels without the need for matching components and sensors. MTC offers a range of electrode materials and geometries to help customers with efficient high volume manufacturing.

MTC also uses its piezo ceramic materials to design and manufacture ultrasonic sensors for metering both gas and liquid flow measurement, taking into considering customer-specific requirements for sensor housing that operates reliably under high pressure and a wide range of temperatures. MTC’s in house sensor test facilities ensure the best possible design solutions for specific customer needs.

Morgan Technical Ceramics,


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