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Multiphoton and confocal microscope system

Fri, 10/23/2009 - 4:24am

Nikon MicroscopeNikon Instruments, Inc. unveiled its new A1R MP Multiphoton and Confocal microscope system for high speed, high resolution, and high sensitivity multiphoton excitation and confocal fluorescence imaging. The A1R MP allows for imaging deeper, longer, sharper, and brighter while remaining cell-friendly with fast resonant imaging at up to 420 fps.

Nikon’s A1R MP is a multiphoton imaging system featuring a high resolution galvanometer scanner and a high speed resonant scanner that is capable of frame rates from 30 fps at 512 X 512 pixels to as fast as 420 fps in band scan mode. New 4 channel non-descanned detectors with higher sensitivity, reduced dark current, and broad spectral range allow for real time unmixing of closely spaced probes for accurate and high-contrast spectral imaging. This is especially important in multiphoton imaging because of the overlap of emission spectra of probes and autofluorescence, which is often unavoidable when using a single laser line.

The Nikon A1R MP also features a newly developed one click auto-alignment of the infrared femtosecond Ti:sapphire multiphoton excitation laser allowing for fast set up, wavelength changes, GVD pre-chirping compensation, and total ease of use. In addition, this device completely encloses the beam within the instrument from the laser to the objective lens, a huge improvement in the operating safety of multiphoton imaging systems.

Furthermore, the Lambda S (?S) objective series provides the highest numerical apertures (NA) for water immersion objectives yet. The CFI APO LWD 40X WI ?S objective with NA 1.15 and a working distance of 610 microns incorporates Nikon’s new Nano Crystal Coating. Nano Crystal Coating provides high transmissions over an expanded correction range from the violet through the near IR range, a true innovation for high performance multiphoton imaging.

The latest version of NIS-Elements C Version 3.1 software orchestrates all microscope control and multiphoton acquisition with the capabilities of acquiring data at high speed, control of various motorized devices. This includes fast piezoelectric Z focus positioners and XY translational stages, input/output triggers and flexible experiment design.



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