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GC columns offer high temperature stability

Thu, 08/13/2009 - 9:03am


Zebron InfernoPhenomenex Inc. announced the expansion of its Zebron Inferno high-temperature GC column line, adding two new mid-polarity columns. The new ZB-XLB-HT and ZB-35HT are mid-polarity columns that can withstand temperatures up to 400? C, enabling analyses of compounds with high molecular weights and boiling points. The Zebron Inferno non-metal columns are stable at high temperatures due to proprietary coating and binding technologies, providing long lifetime, low bleed, and low activity. They are suited for analyses in environmental, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, toxicology, and biofuels applications.

Standard fused-silica columns are not engineered to withstand temperatures above 380?C and their polyimide coating begins to degrade, eventually becoming brittle and inflexible. The Phenomenex Inferno columns are designed for high-temperature analysis, with more rugged stationary phases and coating.

The ZB-XLB-HT Inferno column is stable up to 400?C and provides unique selectivity for confirmational analyses. This MS-certified column offers low activity and good peak shape for acidic and basic samples. The ZB-XLB-HT proprietary phase is suited for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), pesticides, herbicides, and many EPA methods. The ZB-35HT is a 35%-phenyl-65%-dimethylpolysiloxane intermediate-polarity column that is stable up to 400?C, enabling high molecular weight analysis. It is particularly well suited for trace analysis with bleed-sensitive detectors. Applications include semi-volatile compounds, pesticides, drugs of abuse, pharmaceuticals, steroids, and many EPA methods.

Phenomenex Inc.,


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