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Filter robot determines emissions

Thu, 06/04/2009 - 7:10am
Mettler Toledo has launched the F-A747 Filter Robot, an automated filter weighing solution. The filter robot is a measurement system for particulate matter (PM) aimed to meet the requirements of the automotive industry.

The new F-A747 Filter Robot allows the fast and precise determination of particulate matter (PM) with accuracy as little as 0.1 ?g. This new filter robot will be used by Land Rover Group, Ltd. to determine the amount of PM expelled by vehicle engines, especially diesel.

The F-A747 Filter Robot identifies samples via barcodes, and has reduced weighing time of 60 filters to 60 minutes, just one minute per filter. All steps are performed automatically and without the need to transfer samples. Intelligent software controls the workflow and ensures high throughput.

The F-A747 Filter Robot ensures full compliance with current U.S. federal regulations within a cleanroom environment.



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