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Second-gen HPLC-chip enhances electrospray

Wed, 03/11/2009 - 9:25am


Agilent Technologies Inc. introduces the Agilent 1200 Series HPLC-Chip II, the second generation of its pioneering high-performance nano liquid chromatography/electrospray system for mass spectrometry. This new chip platform is designed to provide greater than two times the life of the original HPLC-Chip.

Agilent added proprietary Ion Implantation (II) technology to the new HPLC-Chips, extending life expectancy beyond 1,000 injections, depending on the application. Users benefit from lower cost-per-experiment and enhanced chip-to-chip and run-to-run reproducibility. The carbon-ion-implanted filter dramatically improves characteristics of polyimide surfaces as well as reduces friction between the rotary valve and the chip body for longer life.

The first Agilent HPLC-Chips incorporating the new design are a phosphopeptide chip (for post-translational modifications), the large capacity protein ID chip and the ultrahigh-capacity chip. HPLC-Chip II technology will be extended across the entire HPLC-Chip family in coming months.

Agilent now offers 12 versions of HPLC-Chips. All Agilent HPLC-Chips are compatible across the entire portfolio of Agilent mass spectrometers for applications that include peptide quantitation, biomarker discovery, targeted phosphopeptide analysis, glycan and monoclonal antibody characterization, and small molecule DMPK studies. In addition, Agilent’s custom chip program delivers customized solutions to individual needs. Visit for more details.

Agilent pioneered the development of nano-scale separation technology with the Bioanalyzer introduction in 1999 for electrophoretic separations and the HPLC-Chip/MS concept for pressure-driven separations in 2005. The HPLC-Chip combines nanoflow HPLC columns, connecting capillaries and an electrospray ion source into a single reuseable, credit card-size device. This made the advantages of high sensitivity and low-sample consumption of nano LC/MS accessible without the troublesome valves, fittings and capillary tubing of conventional nano LC.

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