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Ultra-high Performance Liquid Chromatograph

July 16, 2014 | Comments

Thermo Fisher Scientific has unveiled a new high performance liquid chromatography system, the Vanquish UHPLC. The monolithic case contains an instrument that combines the ruggedness of an integrated system with the flexibility and serviceability of a modular system. Vanquish stands about 25% lower than comparable modular stacks for safety and convenience in the laboratory.


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Plasma Diagnostic System

July 23, 2014 9:04 am | Hiden Analytical, Inc. | Comments

Hiden Analytical’s Hiden EQP plasma diagnostic system is a research tool derived and enhanced for plasma researchers, providing mass and energy analysis of both positive and negative process ions together with measurement of neutral species.

Digital Gear Pump Drive

July 23, 2014 9:00 am | Comments

With a larger, brighter interface, analog remote control and simple programming, the Cole-Parmer Digital Gear Pump Drive for Micropump A-Mount pump head is easy to operate for automated process applications. Users can simply set time delay between cycles for hands-free dispensing.

Modular Workstations

July 22, 2014 1:59 pm | Comments

Lista will be showcasing a new lineup of workspace and storage solutions at The International Manufacturing Technology (IMTS), to be in Chicago, Sept. 8-13, 2014. Featured products will include the Arlink 8000 Modular Workstations which have an ergonomic design, unlimited flexibility, and are available with a supplied conveyor system; and the Arlink 7000 All-Purpose Workbenches, which have a durable design and a reconfigurable bench length, worksurface depth and benchtop height.


Magnetic Technology for Bioseparations

July 21, 2014 11:29 am | Comments

AMSBIO has introduced MagSi-Direct, a technology that brings the power, simplicity and convenience of magnetic separation to researchers involved in cell biology, protein chemistry, flow cytometry, diagnostics development and other fields. MagSi-Direct provides a way to attach any biomolecule to nanoscopic paramagnetic beads.

High-specification, Ultra-safe Pressure Reactor

July 21, 2014 11:25 am | Comments

Asynt has introduced PressureSyn, a 125-mL working volume high-pressure reactor that combines high performance, ease of use and a high level of operational safety for users. Designed by chemists and engineers at the Univ. of Nottingham, PressureSyn reactors provide a suitable tool for stirred, or non-stirred, high-pressure applications including hydrogenations, carbonylations, catalyst screening and polymerizations.

Portable GC

July 18, 2014 9:30 am | Comments

New Star Environmental has introduced the Frog-4000, a fully contained purge and trap gas chromatography (GC) system. The handheld GC is designed for real-time portable analysis of VOCs in water, soil and air. The unit can be used as a portable GC PID for environmental testing in the field, in a mobile lab, portable lab or in a commercial environmental lab.


July 18, 2014 9:25 am | Comments

Supercritical Fluid Technologies has introduced a new, high-pressure reactor designed for small batch reaction chemistry. The HPR-Micro Reactor come standard with a 10-mL Iconel 718 reactor vessel for operation up to 10,000 psi (689 bar/68.9 MPa), inlet and outlet valves and a pressure gauge.

Rotary Evaporator

July 15, 2014 10:33 am | Comments

KNF Neuberger has introduced its RC 900 Rotary Evaporator, designed to simplify rotary evaporation and enhance safety in the laboratory. The RC 900 provides laboratory personnel with a combination of high-performance functionality and a simplified user experience, from an instrument that remains whisper-quiet and requires minimal space on the laboratory bench.


Thermomechanical Analyzers

July 15, 2014 10:28 am | Comments

Mettler Toledo has introduced a new line of thermomechanical analyzers, providing nanometer-resolution length measurements over a wide temperature range. The TMA/SDTA 1 features sample supports and probes that are easy to handle, and intelligent features with One Click operation, ensuring workflows are ergonomic and efficient.

Stereo Microscope Objective

July 14, 2014 12:28 pm | Comments

Leica Microsystems has introduced the new Leica Planapo 2.0x CORR objective for the Leica M series stereo microscope, specifically for the use with specimens immersed in aqueous solution. With this objective, users can obtain pin sharp visualization of specimens with up to a 5 mm water column between the specimen and the objective.


Polypropylene Mixing Tank

July 11, 2014 12:23 pm | Comments

Terracon Corp. has introduced of new production-sized mixing tank, the TerraPro Mixer, designed to meet the need of life sciences companies for a high-performance mixer that can be delivered quickly. The TerraPro Mixer is ideal for media and buffer preparation.


Nanoscale Chemical Mapping System

July 11, 2014 12:00 pm | Comments

Bruker has announced the release of Inspire, the first integrated scanning probe microscopy infrared system for 10-nm spatial resolution in chemical and materials property mapping. The new and unique Inspire system incorporates Bruker’s proprietary PeakForce IR mode to enable nanoscale infrared reflection and absorption mapping for a wide range of applications.


Membrane Inlet Dissolved Gas Monitor

July 9, 2014 10:12 am | Hiden Analytical, Inc. | Comments

Hiden Analytical’s MIMS Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer series now features an extended range of submersible insertion probes and flow-through cuvette-style interfaces specifically engineered for measurement of dissolved gases and vapours in aqueous solution.

Multi-user X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

July 9, 2014 10:09 am | Thermo Fisher Scientific | Comments

The Thermo Scientific K-Alpha+ XPS spectrometer, an enhancement of the K-Alpha x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)instrument,features PLUS detection technology, which improves count rates and offers better recognition of low concentration components, and faster chemical state resolution.

Pre-implantation Genetic Screening Microarray

July 8, 2014 2:18 pm | Comments

Oxford Gene Technology has announced the launch of a new high-resolution, high-throughput pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) microarray aimed at improving embryo screening for in vitro fertilization. The CytoSure Embryo Screen Array offers eight arrays of 60,000 spots for high-resolution genome-wide aneuploidy and copy number detection in pre-implantation embryos.



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