Did you know? New winners account for nearly a quarter of R&D 100s each year

Tue, 04/29/2014 - 9:37am

In 2013, 24 organizations which won R&D 100 Awards were first-time winners. A few of them, which included a research institute in Taiwan and a university in the U.K., had previously competed for an award. But most were new to the competition, and it’s a pattern than holds relatively consistently each year, with 20 or more new participants earning awards.

A few of the 24 new winners in 2013 are established and well-recognized names in the technology product marketplace. These include P&P Optica and Adelphi Technology Inc. But many of them, including ClimateMaster, Newlight Technologies and Carbtex Technology, are relatively new entities that have launched their R&D programs in the last decade.

Some of these winners have earned a solo victory, launching and marketing a product without the assistance of a collaborator or co-developer. Companies like Protochips Inc., TAG Optics Inc. and Rheem fall into this category. Often, however, a company gets a much-needed boost from a partner. Da Vinci Emissions Services Ltd. got backing from Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers to complete development of its Da Vinci Fuel-in-Oil (DAFIO) Measurement System, for example, and NevadaNano received both technical help and business support from Eigen Vector Research Inc. and IP Solutions to successfully launch and market its Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPS).

See a full list of first-time 2013 R&D 100 Awards winners below.

There’s still time to enter 2014 Awards!

In addition to a shorter, simpler form this year, the editors have decided to give participants an extra two weeks to prepare their submission. Friday, May 9 is the new deadline, so if you have a new product launched in 2013, consider entering!

Official R&D 100 Awards Web Page

2014 R&D 100 Awards Entry Form

2013 R&D 100 Awards, First-time winners:

Primary Developer
2013 R&D 100 Winning Technology (Category)
Adelphi Technology Inc. “High Flux Fast Neutron Source” Model DD-109X (Beam Instruments) Univ. of Florida
Carbtex Technology Diamondown (Consumer Products) Leading Edge Ventures  LLC
Auburn Univ.
Da Vinci Emissions Services Ltd. Da Vinci Fuel-in-Oil (DAFIO) Measurement System (Environmental Technologies) Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Cummins Inc.
Decision Sciences International Corporation Multi-Mode Passive Detection System (MMPDS) (Safety & Security) Los Alamos National Laboratory
Material Interface Inc. Minimox Self-Protective Alloy Treatment (Process Science) Materials Technology Institute
Metal Industries Research and Development Centre Coin Type Motor (Motor on Board) (Mechanical Systems) National Cheng Kung Univ.
NanoMech Inc. TuffTek (Materials Science) Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering at the Univ. of Arkansas
National Science Foundation (NSF)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Nanomechanics Inc. In-SEM HT (Imaging)  
NCD Technologies NCD Technologies Plus coating (Materials Science) Argonne National Laboratory
NevadaNano Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPS) (Analytical Instruments) Mindtribe
IP Solutions
Eigen Vector Research Incorporated
Newlight Technologies LLC AirCarbon (Materials Sciences)  
ClimateMaster ClimateMaster Trilogy 40 Q-Mode geothermal heat pump (Energy Technology) Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P&P Optica Inc. PPO SWIR Spectrometer (Analytical Instrumentation)  
PID Analyzers LLC Model 33 Arsenic in Water & Food Analyzer (Laboratory Equipment)  
Point Source Power Inc. VOTO (Energy Technology) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
PolarOnyx Inc. Uranus Series – 50 micro-J 1 MHz High Energy Femtosecond Fiber Laser (Lasers & Photonics)  
Porous Power Technologies SYMMETRIX HPX-F (Energy Technology) Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Protochips Inc. Poseidon 500 (Imaging)  
PureForge PureForge brake rotors (Mechanical Systems)  
Rheem The Rheem H2AC Rooftop Unit featuring eSync Integration Technology (Mechanical Systems)  
Solidia Technologies Inc. Solidia Cement (Materials Science) Rutgers Univ.
TAG Optics Inc. TAGLens2.0 (Imaging)  
TetraSun Inc. TetraCell solar cells (Energy Technology)  National Renewable Energy Laboratory
University of Manchester NanoBPM (Beam Instruments)  FMB Oxford Ltd

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