Shimadzu, Integrated Analysis bring enterprise-level private-cloud services to laboratories

Wed, 03/20/2013 - 2:56pm

In today's laboratories, experimental data sets are growing larger, and critical tasks such as data storage, processing, mining, and sharing have become cumbersome, error prone, and expensive. The i3D Enterprise Service, offered by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments and Integrated Analysis Inc., overcomes these challenges by integrating storage, processing, and data mining in an enterprise-level private cloud.

Historically, to offer enterprise-level informatics, laboratories required a large team of information technology specialists, as well as an associated computer cluster and corresponding data center. Multiple software programs were also installed, configured, and integrated and maintained year after year.

With i3D Enterprise Service, laboratory data can be automatically and securely uploaded from instruments to a private cloud and processed on the cloud. This enables workflow execution and data mining in a fraction of the time when compared to processing on a local PC. Researchers with an Internet browser can access all of their data, interrogate it from any location, and share data globally in seconds.

Additionally, i3D Enterprise Service supports all major instrument vendor data file formats. This gives users the ability to integrate and unify all laboratory data.

Source: Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc.


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