Organovo partners with Autodesk

Tue, 12/18/2012 - 3:30pm

Organovo Holdings Inc., a creator and manufacturer of functional, 3D human tissues for medical research and therapeutic applications, is working together with researchers at Autodesk Inc. to create the first 3D design software for bioprinting.

The software, which will be used to control Organovo’s NovoGen MMX bioprinter, will represent a major step forward in usability and functionality for designing 3D human tissues, and has the potential to open up bioprinting to a broader group of users.

Organovo’s 3D bioprinting technology is used to create living human tissues that are 3D, architecturally correct, and made entirely of living human cells, without requiring a synthetic extracellular matrix. The resulting structures can function like native human tissues, and represent an opportunity for advancement in medical research, drug discovery and development, and, in the future, surgical therapies and transplantation.

The Autodesk Research group is dedicated to innovation and discovery ranging from methods to help users learn powerful digital prototyping tools, to visualization and simulation techniques that enable designers to achieve new levels of performance. Advancing human-computer interaction, computer graphics, and digital design technology, Autodesk Research collaborates openly with researchers at universities around the world. The bio/nano/programmable matter group within Autodesk Research is extending this expertise by developing software for the design and simulation of molecular systems and living systems.

Source: Organovo


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