LED incandescent replacement bulb gets Energy Star nod

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 12:24pm
According to a recent announcement, Philips EnduraLED 12.5 W has met or exceeded the quality and energy efficiency requirements for a 60 W LED equivalent set forth by ENERGY STAR, lending further evidence that the produce is a highly-efficient, cost-effective lighting option for professional end users. The lamp lasts 25 times longer and uses 80% less energy than the 60 W incandescent it was designed to replace.

Products that earn the ENERGY STAR label by meeting the quality energy efficiency requirements set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are often eligible for utility rebate programs which lower the cost of the product, making it easier for endusers to begin saving energy. To earn an ENERGY STAR label, a 60 W LED equivalent must have a minimum light output of 800 lumen, a color temperature of 2700 K  (for soft-white light), color rendering of 80, and a minimum 3-year warranty, among other specifications. The Philips EnduraLED meets or exceeds these specifications with 806 lumens, 2700 K, a CRI of 80 and a 6-year warranty.

Philips was also the first and only company to have submitted an A19 replacement lamp for the U.S. Department of Energy's L Prize contest, which calls for an LED equivalent to the 60 W lamp that can produce 900 lumens using less than 10 W of electricity. The L Prize is the first government-sponsored competition to encourage innovation in the lighting industry. Since the L Prize submission in the fall of 2009, the Philips lamp has been undergoing field, lab and lifetime testing with the DOE.

Part of a commercially available LED product family, the Philips EnduraLED line includes 25 W, 40 W and 60 W LED A-shape equivalents that are high efficiency, soft white-light alternatives to incandescent lighting. These lamps deliver superb color consistency and have a rated average life1, 2 of 17 years. LUXEON LEDs combined with their unique designs and remote phosphor technology allow the lamps to mimic an incandescent and cast light in all directions, with the same familiar soft-white glow. The Philips EnduraLED line is one of the broadest portfolios of LED retrofits on the market, which also includes decorative candle lights, PAR-38s, PAR-30s, and MR-16s.

Source: Philips USA



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