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Fri, 04/29/2011 - 10:50am
Paul Livingstone

Paul Headshot with Name and TitleIf you are an R&D Daily subscriber you are probably used to seeing us appear in your mailbox between lunch and quitting time. Now you can have a little R&D Daily with your morning coffee—as well as your afternoon break. Starting May 2, you will receive--two R&D Daily newsletters: the a.m. Edition and the p.m. Edition. Each newsletter will feature the science and technology news that R&D Daily readers seek every day. There’s no need for existing subscribers to sign up again; and if you haven’t subscribed yet, give it a try here.

If you are like me, you may groan at the prospect of yet more email. But I like to think the Daily is a far more welcome arrival to the inbox than, say, yet another important message about great deals on inkjet cartridges or another bogus offer to enter into a money laundering arrangement with the wealthy relatives of Hosni Mubarak. We think you might rather read about the ability for Earth recover from global warming events in our past or development of the world's deepest-diving submersible.

RDDailyAnd the new format will help keep us editors on our toes. Yes, we are well-practiced at chasing down the some of the best and most pertinent R&D news out there, and we enjoy the chase. But sometimes we wish we could jump on a breaking story more quickly, or share more content that normally wouldn’t fit into our newsletter.

So, basically, the new Daily format will be leaner, faster, and offer more insight than before. Not too shabby. And if you have any ideas or suggestions for stories, feel free to send it our way.

Enjoy the fresh supply of R&D news.


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