Digital system captures the invisible

Sat, 08/31/2002 - 8:00pm

2002 R&D 100 Winner
The Phantom v5.0 Totally Digital Motion Analysis System is faster than a speeding bullet. Taking 60,000 pictures/sec, the Phantom v5.0 can capture images of supersonic objects without a blur.

The system has two main components, the megapixel complimentory metal oxide semiconductor sensor and the Phantom software. The development team at Vision Research Inc., Wayne, N.J., integrated into the analysis system the first digital camera capable of taking 1,000 color pictures/sec at megapixel resolution. That is, while you blink just once, the Phantom v5.0 can take 18 pictures. It’s also the first to handle an extreme range of brightness values wider than the response of the human eye.

The applications of the Phantom v5.0 cross innumerable industries from medical to automotive. The system also carries software that assists users with quantitative analysis. The software includes measurement tools that determine size, distance, speed, velocity, displacement, populations, angle, angular rotation, and angular velocity in US or metric units.

Digital motion analysis system

Vision Research Inc.

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Vision Research Inc.

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