2003 R & D 100 Award Winners

Sun, 08/08/2010 - 12:50pm
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R&D 100 Winners

The 2003 R&D 100 Award Winners are listed below in alphabetical order by the name of the primary developer company.



Primary Developer

2003 R&D 100 Winning Technologies


3M Co., Composite Conductor Program 3M Brand Composite Conductor (Energy Technologies)  
Acqiris USA AP200 (Electrical Devices)  
ADA Environmental Solution Sorbent Based Mercury Control Technology (Environmental Technologies)  
Advanced Technology Research Laboratory Thin/Lightweight Peizoelectric Sound Element (Electronic Instrumentation)  
Airak FiberOptic Electrical Current/Temp. Transducer (Electrical Devices) U. S. Dept. of Energy
AMPTEK Inc. Cool-X C-Ray Generator (Beam Instruments)  
Antek Instruments 3600 Series Microwave GC Oven (Analytical Instruments) MT Systems
Argonne National Laboratory Large Area Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Films (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies) Innovative Plasma GmbH
Argonne National Laboratory Scanning Confocal Electron Microscope (Imaging Technologies)  
Aspen Systems Inc. Flexible Aerogel Superinsulation (Materials Sciences) NASA, Kennedy Space Center
Axon Instruments OpusXpress 6000A Workstation (Life Sciences)  
BALLUFF GmbH Burr Sensor (Mechanical Devices)  
Battelle Memorial Institute Mystic Infant Inhaler (Life Sciences) Battelle Pharm
Battelle Memorial Institute Rare Cell Detection Technology (Life Sciences) USDx
Battelle Memorial Institute Readily De-Inkable Soy Based Toners (Materials Sciences) Ohio Soybean Council
BH Electronics Inc. Lynx Video and Data Network (Communication Technologies)  
Bruker Biospin Corp. CryoFlowProbe (Analytical Instruments) Bruker GmbH
Carl Zeiss Light Microscopy Group APOTOME (Imaging Technologies) Carl Zeiss Inc.
CEM Corp. Voyager System (Lab Equipment)  
Corning Tropel Corp. Tropel ThetaForm (Imaging Technologies)  
Cox & Company Inc. Hybrid Ice Protection System (Mechanical Devices) NASA, Glenn Research Center
C-Squared Inc. Helium Analyzer (Lab Equipment)  
Digiray Corp. RGXCEL (Beam Instruments)  
Dionex Corp. Continuously Regenerated Trap Column (Analytical Instruments)  
Dow Chemical Co. DOW XLA Freedom Fiber (Materials Sciences)  
Drexel University Nanostructured Carbide Derived Carbon (Process Sciences) Argonne National Laboratory
University of Illinois, Chicago
Fujitsu Microelectronics America MBF300 Solid State Fingerpring Sweep Sensor (Electronic Instrumentation)  
General Electric Co., Global Research GE Real Time Radiography Detector System (Imaging Technologies) General Electric Co., Inspection Technologies
GrafTech International Ltd. Natural Graphite Composite Heat Sink (Electronic Instrumentation)  
Head Sport AG Cyber IC 300 Chip Ski Consumer Products Advanced Cerametrics Inc.
Hinds Instrument Exicor DUV (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies) International SEMATECH
Hitachi Ltd. AG8100 IPv6 Broadband Access Server (Communication Technologies) Hitachi Communication Technologies
Hitachi Ltd. HD151700, SH7630 Transceiver Chip (Communication Technologies)  
Hitachi Ltd. Sensorless Motor Drive System for Compressors (Mechanical Devices) Hitachi, Home and Life Solution Ltd.
Hitachi Ltd. SH-Mobile System LSI (Communication Technologies)  
Horiba Instruments Inc. XGT-5000 X-Ray Analytical Microscope (Beam Instruments)  
Idaho National Engineering and Env. Lab Change Detection System CDS (Software)  
IdleAire Technologies Corp. IdleAire Advanced Travel Ctr Electrification Sys. (Environmental Technologies)  
International Rectifier DirectFET MOSFETs (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies)  
Iowa State University Ramanprobes System (Imaging Technologies) Concurrent Analytical Inc.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Energy Plus (Software)  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Electro-optic Q Switch for Hi Average Power Lasers (Lasers and Photonics)  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Ion Beam Thin Planarization Process (Process Sciences)  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Lasershot Precision Metal Forming System (Process Sciences) Metal Improvement Company, Inc.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory MEMS Based Adaptive Optics Phoropter (MAOP) (Life Sciences) Bausch & Lomb
Boston Micromachines
Sandia National Laboratories
University of Rochester
Los Alamos National Laboratory BASIS Biological Aerosol Sentry & Information Sys. (Safety and Security) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Rupprecht and Patashnick Co. Inc.
Los Alamos National Laboratory CARISS: Integrated Elem and Compositional Analysis (Analytical Instruments) University of Hawaii
Los Alamos National Laboratory FIRETEC: Physics Based Wildfire Model (Software) USDA, Forest Service
Los Alamos National Laboratory FlashCT (Beam Instruments) HYTEC Inc.
Los Alamos National Laboratory Flexible Superconducting Tape (Materials Sciences)  
Los Alamos National Laboratory Green Density (Information Technologies)  
Los Alamos National Laboratory Super-Thermite Electric Matches (Energy Technologies) PyroLabs Inc.
M.I.T. HexFlex NanoManipulator (Mechanical Devices)  
Mitsubishi Mu Gripper (Mechanical Devices) Takano Bearing Co. Ltd.
Mykrolis Corp. IntelliFlow II Digital Mass Flow Controller (Lab Equipment)  
NASA, Glenn Research Center DMBZ-15 High Temperature Polyimide (Materials Sciences) Maverick Corp.
NASA, Glenn Research Center Hi Temp Hi Load Radial Magnetic Bearing (Mechanical Devices) Texas A&M University
'University of Toledo
NASA, Glenn Research Center Microgravity Analysis Software System (Software) ZIN Technologies
NASA, Glenn Research Center PS/PM300 High Temp Solid Lubricant Coatings (Materials Sciences)  
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Hi Rate Vapor Transport Deposition CdTePV Modules (Energy Technologies) First Solar LLC
Networkcar Networkcar Service enabled by CAReader Device (Electrical Devices)  
NITON LLC NITON XLt Analyzer (Beam Instruments)  
NP Test Inc. Super Conducting Single Photon Detector SSPD (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies) Moscow State University
University of Rochester
NTT DoCoMo Inc. Platform for M-Stage Visual Net Service (Communication Technologies)  
Oak Ridge National Laboratory CF8C Plus New Cast Stainless Steel (Materials Sciences) Caterpillar
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Protasis MicroTrap MS (Analytical Instruments)  
Oak Ridge National Laboratory RAMiTS: Raman Integrated Tunable Sensor (Analytical Instruments)  
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Uncooled Micromechanical Infrared Camera (Imaging Technologies)  
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory FT-MS Proteome Express (Analytical Instruments)  
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Product Acoustic Signature System PASS (Lab Equipment)  
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Starlight Information Visualization System (Software)  
Palisade Systems Inc. FireBlock Network Security Appliance (Communication Technologies)  
Praxair Inc. Mixed Refrigerant PreCooler for Cryogenic Air Sep. (Materials Sciences)  
Primaxx Inc. Vortex CVD (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies)  
Proctor & Gamble Co. PowerFactoRE (Mechanical Devices) Los Alamos National Laboratory
Progression Inc. Magneflow MagModule II (Analytical Instruments)  
Rice University Fluoronanotubes (Materials Sciences) Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc.
Sandia National Laboratories Extreme UV Lithography Full Field Step Scan Sys (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Northrop Grumman
Sandia National Laboratories Inert Cast to Shape Microvalves (Mechanical Devices)  
Sandia National Laboratories SnifferStar Chemical Sensor (Analytical Instruments) Lockheed Martin Naval Electronics
Sandia National Laboratories XAT Extreme Acoustic Telemetry (Communication Technologies) Extreme Engineering Inc.
Sciperio Inc. Biological Architectural Tool (Life Sciences) HAT Inc.
University of Arizona
Solitronics Emitter Turn Off ETO Thyristor (Energy Technologies) American Competitivess Institute
Sandia National Laboratories
Virginia Tech
Southwest Research Institute NASGRO 4.0 Fracture Mechanics Analysis (Software) Lockheed Martin Space Systems
NASA, Materials and Process Branch
Southwest Research Institute Virtual Vehicle Transmission Test Cell VVTTC (Mechanical Devices) Anderson Electric Controls
General Motors Corp.
SpectraPhysics Oriel Triple S Fine Particle Analyzer (Lab Equipment) Synergetic Technolgies Inc.
Star-H Corp. KinStar Reduced Height AM Broadcast Antenna (Communication Technologies) Kintronic Laboratories Inc.
Swagelok Co. DRP Series Ultrahigh Purity Radial Diaphram Valve (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies)  
Swamp Optics LLC Grenouille (Lasers and Photonics) Georgia Institute of Technology
Tessera Technologies uZ Fold Over Package (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies)  
Toyota CRD Contact Angle and Surface Tension Measuring System (Lab Equipment)  
Toyota Motor Co. VGRS Variable Gear Ration Steering System (Mechanical Devices) Harmonis Drive Systems
Toyoda Machine Works Ltd.
Two-Phase Engineering and Research LEAMS Low Emissions Atmospheric Meter Separator (Energy Technologies) Drill Cooling Systems
Sandia National Laboratories
University of Nebraska, Lincoln Steel and Foam Energy Reduction Barrier (Safety and Security)  
UroSolutions Inc. UroCycler (Life Sciences)  
ViGYAN Inc. Pilot Weather Advisor (Electronic Instrumentation) NASA, Glenn Research Center
NASA, Langley Research Center
WSI Corp.
Westinghouse Savannah River Corporation Aerosol to Liquid Particle Extraction System ALPES (Lab Equipment)  
Xenogen Corp. IVIS 300 In Vivo Imaging System (Life Sciences)  
Xradia Inc. TXM 54-80 Xray Nanotomographic Imaging System (Imaging Technologies)  
Zygo Corp. VeriFire MST 1550 (Lasers and Photonics)  

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