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Robots do check-in and check-out at cost-cutting japan hotel

July 15, 2015 1:45 pm | News | Comments

From the receptionist that does the check-in and check-out to the porter that's an automated trolley taking luggage up to the room, this hotel in southwestern Japan, aptly called Weird Hotel, is manned almost totally by robots to save labor costs.


First round-the-world solar flight delayed until 2016

July 15, 2015 1:37 pm | by Greg Watry, Digital Reporter | Articles | Comments

With a wingspan bigger than a Boeing 747, but weighing only a little more than a car, the Solar Impulse 2 team announced Wednesday their attempt to complete the first round-the-world solar flight will be delayed until 2016.


New fuel-cell materials pave way for practical hydrogen-powered cars

July 15, 2015 12:30 pm | by American Chemical Society | News | Comments

Hydrogen fuel cells promise clean cars that emit only water. Several major car manufacturers have recently announced their investment to increase the availability of fueling stations, while others are rolling out new models and prototypes. However, challenges remain, including the chemistry to produce and use hydrogen and oxygen gas efficiently.


Eco-friendly lignin nanoparticle “greens” silver nanobullet to battle bacteria

July 15, 2015 12:00 pm | by Mick Kulikowski, North Carolina State Univ. News Services | News | Comments

North Carolina State Univ. researchers have developed an effective and environmentally benign method to combat bacteria by engineering nanoscale particles that add the antimicrobial potency of silver to a core of lignin. The findings introduce ideas for better, greener and safer nanotechnology and could lead to enhanced efficiency of antimicrobial products used in agriculture and personal care.


“White graphene” structures can take the heat

July 15, 2015 11:30 am | by Mike Williams, Rice Univ. | News | Comments

Three-dimensional structures of boron nitride might be the right stuff to keep small electronics cool, according to scientists at Rice Univ. Rice researchers Rouzbeh Shahsavari and Navid Sakhavand have completed the first theoretical analysis of how 3-D boron nitride might be used as a tunable material to control heat flow in such devices.


Newlight Technologies' AirCarbon: Harnessing Carbon Emissions

July 15, 2015 8:30 am | by Lindsay Hock, Editor | Articles | Comments

Every Wednesday, R&D Magazine will feature a R&D 100 Flashback, chosen from our R&D 100 archive of winners. This week’s flashback is Newlight Technologies’ AirCarbon, which won in 2013. A carbon-negative plastic has been sought-after for many years. While a material that pulls carbon out of the air had been produced, the cost to process it was three times higher than the cost to produce plastic from oil.


Physicists confirm existence of rare pentaquarks

July 15, 2015 8:01 am | by Rob Enslin, Syracuse Univ. | News | Comments

Physicists in Syracuse Univ.'s College of Arts and Sciences have confirmed the existence of two rare pentaquark states. Their discovery, which has taken place at the CERN Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, is said to have major implications for the study of the structure of matter.


Intellectual pursuits may buffer the brain against addiction

July 15, 2015 7:55 am | by Yasmin Anwar, UC Berkeley | News | Comments

Challenging the idea that addiction is hardwired in the brain, a new Univ. of California, Berkeley study of mice suggests that even a short time spent in a stimulating learning environment can rewire the brain’s reward system and buffer it against drug dependence.


Advanced composites may borrow designs from deep-sea shrimp

July 15, 2015 7:47 am | by Emil Venere, Purdue Univ. | News | Comments

New research is revealing details about how the exoskeleton of a certain type of deep-sea shrimp allows the animal to survive scalding hot waters in hydrothermal vents thousands of feet under water. The team compared the exoskeletons of the deep-sea shrimp Rimicaris exoculata and the shallow-dwelling shrimp Pandalus platyceros.


For faster, larger graphene add a liquid layer

July 15, 2015 7:38 am | by Univ. of Oxford | News | Comments

Millimeter-sized crystals of high-quality graphene can be made in minutes instead of hours using a new scalable technique, Oxford Univ. researchers have demonstrated. In just 15 min the method can produce large graphene crystals around 2 to 3 mm in size that would take up to 19 hrs to produce using current chemical vapor deposition (CVD) techniques in which carbon in gas reacts with, for example, copper to form graphene.


Solving mysteries of conductivity in polymers

July 15, 2015 7:27 am | by David L. Chandler, MIT News Office | News | Comments

Materials known as conjugated polymers have been seen as very promising candidates for electronics applications, including capacitors, photodiodes, sensors, organic light-emitting diodes and thermoelectric devices. But they’ve faced one major obstacle: Nobody has been able to explain just how electrical conduction worked in these materials, or to predict how they would behave when used in such devices.


Personal Observations Cited by Global Warming Skeptics

July 14, 2015 3:45 pm | by Greg Watry, Digital Reporter | Articles | Comments

Americans’ views regarding global warming tend to correlate to personal experiences with weather, and global warming skeptics are increasingly likely to cite personal weather observations as the reason behind their views, according to a recent study from the Univ. of Michigan.


BIM: Essential for Quick Completion of Residential, Commercial Building Projects

July 14, 2015 2:02 pm | by Bhagwati Pathak, CAD Services | Articles | Comments

The 21st century has witnessed a large amount of technological advancements which are accountable for bringing tremendous comfort to human life. There's no denying the fact technology has truly become the part and parcel of our daily life. In today’s time we can't imagine ourselves without cell phones, as they are the most suitable tools used for interpersonal communication.


Traces from Martian Gem May Point to Ancient Life

July 14, 2015 12:30 pm | by Greg Watry, Digital Reporter | Articles | Comments

A window into the Red Planet’s past and whether it once harbored life could well have been found as Univ. of Glasgow researchers recently discovered evidence of the existence of opals on Mars contained in a meteorite millions of years old.


UHPLC Connection Systems

July 14, 2015 11:52 am | by IDEX Health & Science | IDEX Health & Science | Product Releases | Comments

MarvelX UHPLC Connection Systems have been designed specifically for easy routing throughout an instrument, while providing consistent performance and superior re-usability. Built with convenient, removable stainless steel fittings and changeable, precision-cut flexible tubing, MarvelX can be used up to 200 times. The connection system is compatible with 10 to 32 coned receiving ports and is finger-tight to 19,000 psi, no tool is required.


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